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I'm a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist working in private practice for almost 10 years now.

AASECT certification in sex therapy keeps me up to date on evidence based practices that support healthy sexual expression and functioning. I strive to provide clients with a safe environment to examine aspects of their sexuality while providing accurate and reliable information they may not otherwise have access to.
Sexy Science allows me to extend this endeavor beyond the therapy room!

- Julie L Miller, LCMFT, CST

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Practicing Pleasure

Open for Enrollment Above

This class is designed for anyone looking to enhance their relationship with sexual arousal through a better understanding of the vulva’s erectile network. If you are a sexual or mental health clinician, this course will provide the tools you need to empower clients on their journey toward sexual satisfaction.

Polyvagal Theory & KINK

Coming soon

This course is designed for both professional mental health workers AND individuals looking to establish safety and connection in their KINKY sex practices. We'll examine how incorporating the modern science of Interpersonal Neurobiology with KINK dynamics can allow for increased co-regulation and self-regulation skills so we can fully enjoy the ANXIETY and STRESS we intentionally invite into SEX

Drama Detox

Open For Enrollment Above

This course introduces you to the 3 major roles of the Drama Triangle, induction strategies others may use to cast you into parts you don’t want to play, and a simplified problem solving method that helps you assess for drama and get out of a toxic drama triangle if you’re already in one!


Practicing Pleasure:
An Anatomical Guide to Clitoral/Vulval Arousal

14 Exercises and journaling prompts to start your pleasure practice.


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